A downloadable game for Windows

Here's a project I'm working on.

it has 1 complete level, 1 unfinished level, and 7 bosses so far.

it'll ask for firewall permissions at the beginning and this is because the game is intended to have online co-op eventually, but don't worry about it.

NOTE: If the player or anything falls through the floor, gets stuck in a floating platform, or the brown birds, vultures, or gun-toting enemies stop attacking, please attempt to recreate the bug and record it, or be already recording from the start. Do not record the aftermath, how you got there is more important.

Changelog (Alpha)


  • Player now stops when hitting the options button
  • Enemies that are out of reach of the camera are no longer counted as spiked.
  • Getting stuck in platform while sliding probably fixed.
  • Tank stagger and screenshake reduced.


  • Added smoke to non-organic bosses when they are low on health
  • Screen now locks when there are at least 4 enemies as opposed to 5.
  • Damage now scales with spamming
  • Fixed bug involving pistol boss sprites not showing.
  • Gave mole boss a new attack, while also making it more fair.
  • fixed some jank-ass camera stuff with the ladders
  • adding more smoothing to helicopter 2
  • bosses should no longer be turned white while in alive state
  • Heliocpter 2's ram now telegraphed more clearly.
  • Helicopter 2's bullets don't really get misaligned anymore
  • Fixed some issues involving lobbing projectiles back to foreground/background


  • Changed info panel to say "hold s" rather than "double tap s"
  • Fixed falling through floor bug but it might still be at large.


  • Added grabbing mechanics. enemies and projectiles with gravity can be thrown
  • Added power meter that can give you invincibility, ultra powerful attacks, or turbo mode
  • Added mole boss
  • Added ladders and made cop-ter fight take place on top of a building
  • player automatically goes into winstate after beating the end boss of a level
  • boot enemies now have trigger (non-solid) hitboxes
  • Pogo boss flashes yellow before it's about to unleash its shockwave
  • bombs now do twice as much damage as they used to when thrown back to bosses, but they will decrease the amount of times the various helicopter bosses drop bombs.
  • Cop-ter fight now scrolls a tiny bit to give the player more room to move
  • Replaced various placeholder elements
  • Added hit counter for the player.
  • took out conditionals from Rolling Tanker that made it shoot blanks.
  • Vultures, eagles, and gunmen now only attack one at a time.
  • Fixed bug that prevented eagles from fully reaching the player.
  • Third hit in auto-combo is now a kick.
  • Cop-ter's upper gatling hitboxes were removed and the missile attack and gatling attack are now combined when it is in the background
  • If the player holds a direction while their slide ends, they will automatically go into a run state and keep their momentum.
  • Boss's shield no longer regenerates while the boss is alive.
  • Added landing animation for when player does a dive kick
  • Added an actual health bar.


  • Added resolution and fullscreen controls
  • Cannot use projectile in the air more than once unless you hit an enemy with another attack.
  • Health is now accounted for in checkpoints, so if you have 15 health when you reach a checkpoint, you will still have 15 health when you respawn; however, if you have less than 12 health, your health will reset to 12 upon respawning
  • Checkpoints are now before boss fights in addition to after them.
  • Health now reset to 12 upon initially reaching a checkpoint if health is lower than 12.
  • Doing a rising spin kick and then a slide and hitting something with the slide in the air will not allow you to do the rising spin kick again in the air.
  • Doing a regular spin kick in the air and then doing a punch attack will not regenerate the spin kick; this was meant to be fixed earlier but I forgot about how the startups are separate animations.
  • when you have a rebellious combo ranking while a boss is in stun
    state, each hit will restore its shield by half of the hit's damage.
  • window to connect punches now gets smaller with the rising compliment level, starting at the initial 10-frame window and eventually going to a 4-frame window with a rebellious combo


  • Boss 3 and 4's missiles now have actual sprites (still placeholder, though)
  • Boss 3's shield increased by 8 points.
  • Backspace now returns to main menu instead of escape
  • Scorpion boss's claw now moves slower, has a longer windup time when the boss is above 50% health, and does not target on the player all the time, but instead the player's last position during the initial windup phase
  • Scorpion boss's claws should be lethal less often
  • Bird interceptors and gun-shooting enemies only attack one at a time now
  • Bird interceptors now have a longer and more apparent windup animation
  • Fixed bug that prevented scorpion boss from turning around.
  • Claw now retracts during  a tail attack
  • Auto-spawner now disabled
  • When scorpion goes into stun, stinger stops being lethal, and starts being lethal again on the next whack or stab attack
  • Shield-breaking a boss gives you +1 health


  • Improved on level 2 bgm
  • fixed placement of music trigger after scorpion boss
  • pogo boss now has longer time spent on ground
  • skipping a level while in fightlock and after a boss now takes you out of fightlock and resets your checkpoint upon starting the new level
  • Space between the two platforms in enemy section 2 of level 1 increased
  • trash cans are now completely passthrough.
  • Pogo boss now turns yellow when they are about to do the shockwave attack
  • Scorpion boss's tail lunge should be more easily avoidable and telegraphed now.


  • Added scorpion boss
  • Repeat slides into an enemy do not do damage, though they still register as stuns.
  • Added prospector enemy
  • Made vultures able to go through each other.
  • Boss 4 propellors now spawn on the sides of the boss rather than in the center.


  • Added "skip to level 2" debug key
  • made camera return to player slower when exiting fightlock, but return to regular speed afterwards.
  • Made more checks to make sure camera does not go below y position 0.
  • Fixed mapping pause button issue.
  • Increased rate of boss's shield regenerating during their stun state
  • Increased general rate of boss 4's shield regenerating during its alive state as well
  • for boss's 3 and 4, you cannot pick them up from stun once they are on the ground if their shields are at least 50% regenerated.
  • Increased boss 4's health by 4 points, and shield by 8 points.


  • Added 4th boss plus win screen
  • Implemented music switching, so the endboss of level 1 has its own music.
  • Added new moves including slide and a double jump attack
  • Started working on level 2
  • Moved pistols to level 2, moved tank to pistol's place and put new pogo boss in place of where the tank originally was.
  • Added main menu with remappable controls
  • Enemies now flash white when they are hit.
  • Fireballs now revised to be easier to pull off and go out in a spread formation, but they also have more limited range.
  • Implemented Rebeltype font set.
  • Revised bigboi behavior.
  • Revised enemy placement and timings of level 1
  • Ground launch kick now no longer calls down on land if the boss is a flying boss.
  • If you do a rising spin kick or a double jump kick and then do certain other moves, you can call them in the air again.


  • Made ground c attack down on land (i.e. enemies go into downed state when they hit the ground). This should preventing infiniting boss 1.
  • Added rudimentary checkpoints after boss fights; still an early feature, may need more testing
  • Slowed down initial velocity of boss 3's heat seakers by 50 px/s, and increased the interval between them.


rebe-2.zip 32 MB


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